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Empowering female innovators in medtech – Pitch Training

Are you a student or a scientist in medicine or life sciences? Or are you just interested in MedTech and FemTech? Do you consider yourself a (future) entrepreneur? Are you already working on a start-up project?

Then register now for this workshop to advance your pitching skills. The workshop includes methodological input, hands-on training, and feedback from coaches with years of experience: Kaeleigh FletcherLisa Schebitz, and Anna-Theresa Schmalholz.

„Storytelling and Pitching“ allows you to make presenting your start-up project vibrant, understandable, and lively. In this workshop, you will get familiar with methodological elements at play when listening to an engaging story and the benefits of sharing stories in research and business settings. Whether it’s presenting a research, start-up idea, or business report, the ability to pitch well is enormously crucial in everyday professional life. The coaches will guide you by creating convincing presentations and showing you practical ways to deliver your work authentically and with confidence.

On Sep 30, you will learn how to structure a good pitch, how to communicate your concerns clearly and concisely, and the importance of storytelling. Conclusively, you will discover a toolkit of best practices to adapt and find your unique pitching style.

In the workshop, the following topics will be tackled:

  • Recipe to prepare a powerful and inspiring pitch
  • How to do an elevator pitch
  • Find your unique individual strengths to connect with the audience
  • Tips and tricks to create a comfortable and exciting structure
  • Proven toolkit of best practices to be more effective and influential

For women who are:

  • students and scientists in medicine or life sciences
  • entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs
  • women already working on a start-up project in the field of MedTech and FemTech

Benefits for you:

  • Build confidence
  • Identify the basic building blocks of a good pitch
  • Understand effective structure in a speech and presentation
  • Learn how to develop a hook that catches attention
  • Understand the importance of storytelling

The workshop will be held in English.

On Oct 6, you will have the chance to pitch your ideas in our „HACK’N’TALK“ event – we have exclusively two pitching slots for you.

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