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H+ Digital Health Showcase: from payor to partner

InsurTechHub Munich

Catalyzed by the largest public health threat in recent times, telemedicine and digital health solutions have seen unprecedented growth over the past few years.

Growing patient and physician acceptance levels, and the set of market rules currently being shaped, further prove that this growth trend is here to stay.

Within this environment, insurers are looking to transform from pure cost reimbursers to true healthcare companions and digital health solutions are undoubtedly key for this transformation.

To become real partners instead of providers, insurers must move further forward in the patient journey. They should become relevant partners beyond treatment – also in prevention, diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Digital health is exactly the lever that needs to be transacted to achieve this relationship between insurers and patients. By developing health platforms, insurers can become a more holistic partner for patients, helping them not just cure an illness, but stay healthy.

Join in on April 6 as they bring in different perspectives on what the future of digital health will look like and take a holistic look at the patient journey with exciting guests, exclusive insights and the H+ Startups Pitches.

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