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Gamification – how to design for intrinsic motivation

Come join a community of innovators, talents, and entrepreneurs!

They meet monthly and during every meet-up, they provide an inspirational talk from leading figures from the world of entrepreneurship, a platform for you to pitch your idea in 1 minute, and networking to get connected with the community!

The single greatest thing you can do to improve your start-up project is to share it with the world, receive feedback, and iterate. There is simply no better way!

If you’re a later-stage start-up or an educator in the space of entrepreneurship/innovation and want to give back to the community just get in contact and you can booked a slot at an upcoming HACK’N’TALK for your inspirational talk!

The event is hosted by Lisa Schebitz, Anna-Theresa Schmalholz, and Dimitra Papadopoulou.

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