gate Garching DE
gate Garching DE

INNOspace Masters OHB Challenge

The seventh round of the INNOspace Masters will run from 18 October 2021 to 4 February 2022. Participants of the INNOspace Masters have the choice to select one out of four challenges, which would fit best on the focus of their idea. The competition is annually awarding innovative concepts and solutions that solve current challenges in space or non-space industries by transferring knowledge or technology. In addition to worldwide network contacts, the winners receive technological and economical support as well as assistance in implementing the project.

Each challenge addresses a variety of topics and focuses on a different phase of maturity – from applied research to market-ready solutions.

German Space Agency, OHB

Startup Challenge Description

Looking for: Ideas and concepts for commercialisation of space, concepts for future commercial business, Ideas and concepts for improved sustainability

Criteria: Applicants can be Science & Industry, Startups, SMEs, Individuals

Price: Support from relevant experts from the OHB Group, Cooperation opportunities at European level through companies in the OHB Group, Possibility of a joint technology development programme, Pitch opportunity at OHB Venture Capital, Invitation to meet the OHB Group and the Space Community at a fair, Funding / Grant / Cash prize > EUR 6,000,


Application deadline 2022-02-04

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