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gate Garching DE

Innovation Café: How Diversity and Inclusion help Startups succeed

Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship

“Beyond the obvious excitement of building a new product or service from scratch, startup founders have another incredible opportunity: to define and create a new company culture from the ground up” (Alice Sandelson 2021).

In this talk Dr. Anne Graefer shares knowledge, insight, and best-practice for founders to build diverse and inclusive businesses. Among others, she treats the following focal points:

  • Understand why diversity and inclsuion is important to your start-up
  • How to make your start-up more inclusive at any stage
  • What training and development bring to the table

These and other exciting points will be covered in this issue.

Dr. Anne Graefer is the founder of GenderIQ, a Diversity and Inclusion consultancy based in Munich, Germany.

Her research on stereotypes and prejudices has been published in a number of esteemed academic journals and two books. Currently she teaches Business Ethics and Media Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich (FOM).

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As usual, at the beginning of the Innovation Café there will be the opportunity to pitch your own start-up – 1 minute – and place a call or two (co-founder search, crowdfunding campaign, etc.). If you want to be part of it, write a short email to