gate Garching DE
gate Garching DE

Lecture „Innovative Entrepreneurs“ – Summer Semester 2022

Learn how to think outside the box and complement theory by insights into practice.

Guest speakers present the diversity of the entrepreneurial life, entrepreneurial personalities, skills, and motivations. They talk about identifying opportunities, innovation management, growth, leadership, and all facets of entrepreneurship.

Meet outstanding founders, managers, and executives from a wide range of industry sectors. Do you want to learn from inspiring role models? Then this lecture is for you! Everyone is welcome!

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Success Story air up – Developing Innovative Products for Tomorrow’s Generation
Lena Jüngst, CCO and Co-Founder, air up
7. Juli 2022, 17:30 Uhr – 19 Uhr

What’s next?
Entrepreneurial journey with the Academy for Innovators – Anastasia Myasnichenko, Project Leader in Innovation Education
UnternehmerTUM, 14. Juli 2022, 17:30 Uhr – 19 Uhr