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gate Garching DE

Margarete Ammon Stiftung supports „Female innovators in medtech“

Attention! All those women out there interested in medtech topics – a new project is coming up to support you on your way to becoming an entrepreneurial-minded innovator! 
Whether you are studying medicine or life sciences, having an idea for medtech companies or start-ups or are just interested in the topic – with the great support of the „Margarete Ammon Stiftung“ we have some offers for you!

Sign up now for our highly interactive workshop 

„All women – Be entrepreneurial“!
July 22
one-day, online, no costs

We will inspire you to „Drive your life“ by developing your entrepreneurial mindset. In our hands-on approach you will design your own „Entrepreneurial Empowerment Profile“, get familiar with agile tools and methods and learn from revolutionary female role models. We will talk about current trends and topics in the field of medtech and you’ll get inspired by female founders. 

A pitch training for female founders in medtech, a pitch session and further events are planned for fall 2021. 

Interested? For applying for the workshop you need to briefly describe your background and interest in medtech innovations. Please get in contact with Susanne and already save your spot in our first workshop.