gate Garching DE
gate Garching DE

UnternehmerTUM HACK ‚N‘ TALK

join a community of hackers, innovators, and entrepreneurs!

In monthly meetings and during every meet-up, you are provided an inspirational talk from leading figures from the world of entrepreneurship, a platform for you to pitch your idea in 1 minute, and networking to get connected with the community!

The single greatest thing you can do to improve your startup project is to share it with the world, receive feedback, and iterate. There is simply no better way!

Your friends are welcome. No, seriously! Bring that one friend who is interested in start-ups but didn’t dare yet to jump into that world. This night is full of opportunities and both of you – people looking for new projects and people having those – should be there!

If you’re a later-stage start-up or an educator in the space of entrepreneurship/innovation and want to give back to the community just get in contact and ou will be booked a slot at an upcoming HACK ‘N’ TALK for your inspirational talk!

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