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XPLORE by UnternehmerTUM empowers early stage tech start-ups on their way to success.

What is Market Pioneer?

The primary goal of this program is to prepare your start-up team for the next step, whether it be incubation in programs like Xpreneurs Incubator, or securing your first customer or investor. By participating in this program, you will enhance your entrepreneurial skills, refine your value proposition, and gain a deeper understanding of your beachhead market.

To be eligible for this program, your start-up team should meet the following criteria:

  • Validated Value Proposition: Your problem/solution should be validated through data, experiments, LOIs (Letters of Intent), or other means.
  • Clearly Defined Beachhead Market: You should have a well-defined understanding of your market and competitor situation, as well as the size and potential of your beachhead market.
  • Committed Team: The program is designed for teams, demonstrating commitment through their investment, opportunity cost, and full-time dedication.

Join for an exciting and informative info session on this upcoming 6-week hands-on program designed specifically for early stage start-up teams. Whether you’re an alumni from XPLORE Venture Creator or/and XPLORE Freerider or new to XPLORE, this program is tailor-made to help you succeed in the competitive start-up landscape.

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