gate Garching DE
gate Garching DE

AdjuCor GmbH

Das Unternehmen war von Oktober 2012 bis Juli 2018 Mieter im gate.

AdjuCor GmbH is a medical device company, which develops novel solutions for cardiac assistance in patients with heart failure. Our activities include the conceptual design of heart assist devices, patenting, engineering layout, construction of prototypes and their functional testing in vitro and in vivo. The company receives its expertise from the combination of experienced engineers, physicists and specialists from cardiac surgery and cardiology.

Heart failure is a disease process of structural or functional changes within the myocardium, which results in the progressive inability of the heart to pump the required amount of blood to the body. AdjuCor develops heart assist devices for personalized medicine. Our technologies allow for a flexible adaption of system configurations to the individual patient’s disease progression. Patient-specific implants are constructed based on the patients CT images and location of dysfunctional cardiac regions. Our product range covers the patient-specific implants, miniaturized intra- or extra-corporeal driving units and electronic control units.

AdjuCor GmbH
Lichtenbergstraße 8
85748 Garching b. München
Telefon +49(0)89 5484 2390
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Prof. Dr. med. Stephen Wildhirt