gate Garching DE
gate Garching DE

Erium GmbH

Erium addresses companies in the manufacturing industry who are dissatisfied with their production. This may be due to poor product quality, excessive material or energy consumption, high wear and tear or the instability of the manufacturing process itself.

Erium calculates for the production machinery and robots exactly those settings in real time with which the production runs optimal again. Other solutions on the market take too little account of the specific requirements of the manufacturing industry, as they are assuming an excessively large supply of data. In contrast, Erium is designed to work with as little data as possible.

The less data required, the faster the production runs smoothly again. Erium’s idea is to not only do machine learning with data, but to let the algorithm directly build on top of the knowledge of process experts.

The result: shortened ramp-up times, improved production performance, greater production stability and the possibility for completely new business models.

Erium GmbH
Lichtenbergstraße 8
85748 Garching b. München

Dr. Maksim Greiner
Dr. Theo Steininger

Telefon: +49 172 6623509

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