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Transforming Proteomic Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

MSAID provides cutting-edge data analysis solutions & services for proteomics using powerful machine learning algorithms.

Probing Proteins
Almost all diseases are reflected on protein level, rendering the precise analysis of the proteome is a crucial step in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Mass spectrometry based proteomics is the frontrunner technique for the simultanious analysis of thousands of proteins per hour. However, while technological and methological advances have propelled proteome research, data analysis often relies on simple concepts that remained almost unchanged for 25 years.

The MSAID GmbH is a spin-off of the Chair for Proteomics and Bioanalytics of the Technical University of Munich and has pledged to transform the way scientists analyze protein data. The team thrives to aid mass spectrometry based proteomics with artificial intelligence. Using powerful AI-based approches to replace existing algorithms, MSAID paves the way for a smarter, deeper and more confident way of interrogating proteomics samples.

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